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What Is Green Energy?

Green Energy

According to the experts at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), green energy can be defined as a form of renewable energy that produces minimal impact on the environment and that can be used to replace power generated by burning fossil fuels. Some of the most common ways to produce green energy include the following:

  • Solar power collection panels
  • Geothermal energy production methods
  • Wind farms
  • Hydroelectric power generated by dams or natural ocean currents

At OceanBased Perpetual Energy, we are committed to developing the most practical and effective ways to harvest the natural energy of the Gulf Stream current to produce clean, reliable energy for businesses, homes and industrial facilities. Low-impact hydropower is listed as one of the most beneficial forms of green power by the EPA.

Unlike conventional energy sources, green power generation produces few or no emissions that could affect outdoor air quality. By supporting companies that are developing green power methodologies, individuals and businesses alike can promote a healthier and less polluted future. Green power is also a valuable tool in managing the need for energy as fossil fuel reserves continue to dwindle. Finally, green power is a great way to support economic growth while fostering innovation in the energy field.

How OceanBased Perpetual Energy Is Revolutionizing Green Energy

The kinetic energy contained in the Florida Gulf Stream current is an ideal source of renewable green energy. Because the current is always flowing, it is a consistent and continuous source of power. This sets it apart from wind and solar power generating systems that depend on the weather to produce energy. At OceanBased Perpetual Energy, we are committed to creating the most reliable green energy solutions for supplementing and supporting the power grid of the United States and building a better tomorrow for everyone.

Working Together With Federal and State Agencies

OceanBased Perpetual Energy is a 2020 Preferred Partner with the U.S. Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center, which is part of the U.S. Department of Energy. By working together with federal researchers, we can achieve the best results and can ensure the greatest progress in harvesting the energy of the Florida Gulf Coast current.

To learn more about our ocean current energy converters and how they are changing the game for renewable energy generation, give OceanBased Perpetual Energy a call today at 305-714-9400. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss our initiatives with you.