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Wave, Tidal Energy Could Completely Transform Texas Power Grid, Pioneering Ocean Current CEO Explains 

Wave Energy Converters for Texas

Energy generated by the perpetual incoming flow of waves or tides could be the answer to Texas’ energy difficulties, says Nasser M.N. Alshemaimry, the CEO and visionary of OceanBased Perpetual Energy, a South Florida-based ocean current energy pioneer.

“Wave energy has a proven track record in several countries for over 20 years since 2001,” he pointed out while discussing the options this week for Texas going forward.

With over 400 miles of oceanfront between Galveston and Brunswick, the Texas southeast border on the Gulf of Mexico from Galveston all the way down to Brownsville may have enough extractable ocean energy to solve the Lone Star State’s energy problems permanently for both itself and even its neighbors, Alshemaimry said.

Whether its ocean current energy, tidal energy or wave energy, hydrokinetically generated power is consistently more reliable and works longer than any other renewable energy.  In a groundbreaking and unusual development illustrating the vast potential of the untapped ocean current energy market, Alshemaimry’s OceanBased Perpetual Energy project succeeded in demonstrating that electricity could be generated for a full 24 hours using only the flow of the water current to turn submerged turbines.

“Ocean current, tides and waves within the Gulf of Mexico flow 24/7, making them more reliable than other clean energy generators that are exposed to weather elements such as solar and wind,” Alshemaimry noted.   “Whether it’s cloudy days or freezing temperatures, the tides and waves keep rolling around the clock. In the instances when or if a hurricane approaches, we would know about it for days in advance, enabling preparations to be taken to ensure the safety of wave energy converters or turbines without the hassle of removing any equipment from the ocean.”

Alshemaimry, a decorated aerospace engineer and pilot who has pioneered clean energy applications internationally, explained that Texas could use electricity from the ocean energy within the Gulf of Mexico to produce hydrogen that would power 24/7 electricity needs.

“Ocean energy is 100 percent clean, renewable, sustainable energy,” he said.