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The Washington Post Reports on OceanBased Perpetual Energy’s Successful Power Demonstration

OceanBased Perpetual Energy catapulted to international prominence with a comprehensive article in The Washington Post on June 9, 2020 by veteran journalist and author Craig Pittman, whose reporting captured the culmination of over a decade of “hard work, dreams, hope and guts” through the eyes of our CEO, clean energy pioneer Nasser M. N. Alshemaimry.

OceanBased successfully demonstrated that the powerful Gulf Stream current flowing offshore alongside the State of Florida can produce perpetual #energy for a full 24 hours a day.  Based in Miami, we are a Preferred Partner of the Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center at Florida Atlantic University.

Read the remarkable story on the original Washington Post Web page here.

See the dramatic video from our OceanBased.Energy Home Page here.