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The Benefits of Producing and Using Hydroelectric Power

Hydroelectric Power

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has compiled information about the benefits of hydroelectric production facilities as a practical source of renewable energy. Hydropower generated by dams, ocean currents and through other methods is a valuable resource that offers some real advantages for the economy and the environment.


The kinetic energy harvested from inland rivers, streams and other bodies of water and from the ocean is a sustainable source of power that is not consumed as it is harvested. This energy can then be used to supplement power generated by using other sustainable technologies or through the use of fossil fuels. Because hydroelectric power is powered by the natural water cycle, it will not run out or decrease in supply over time.


According to the U.S. Department of Energy, hydropower is derived from the clean fuel source of water. This reduces air pollution and lowers dependence on fossil fuels, which may require significant additional expenditures of energy for extraction. Hydropower derived from ocean currents is even more environmentally responsible because it does not require the building of dams to alter the natural flow of water.


Hydroelectric power produces energy at an affordable price. The cost of generating hydropower is consistent and can be predicted over time, which is important for maintaining an adequate supply of power for large-scale use. By including hydropower as part of an overall energy plan, utilities can manage the cost of producing and delivering electricity more effectively.


Hydropower is one of the most reliable and consistent ways to generate electricity. This is especially true for marine hydropower implementations, which rely on always-running currents to generate a steady supply of electricity that can supplement existing sources or can potentially serve as a reliable and sustainable source of power for large areas of the United States.

OceanBased Perpetual Energy is an innovator in the field of marine hydropower. We are putting years of scientific research to work in harvesting the energy produced by the Florida Gulf Coast current. Our approach uses energy converters suspended in the Gulf Stream to transform the kinetic energy of the current and to transfer it through ocean substations to an onshore substation. From there, it will be connected to the electrical grid to produce safe, efficient power to serve the needs of consumers and companies. Call us today at +1 (305) 2 ENERGY to learn more about the potential for clean, renewable marine hydropower from OceanBased technologies.