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Gary Girard

ocean current perpetual energy

Gary Girard

Vice President

As OceanBased Vice President, Gary Girard brings extensive business experience in several fields, including aviation and land development.  His entrepreneurial skills have extended strongly to marketing and sales.

Girard has spent the last 40 years creating successful businesses, partnerships and projects both in the United States and internationally.  Having conducted business in 125 different countries, he is intimately familiar with the nuances of various cultures.

In 1991, he formed Diversified Aviation Services, LLC to focus on sales, marketing, consulting and project management in the aerospace industry.

During the past decade, Girard has managed over 100 various aerospace-related projects and focused his endeavors on developing new products, opening new markets and strategic business growth for his clients.

Major milestones in his career include:

  • Making the first used aircraft sale into The People’s Republic of China
  • Successfully concluding the sale of over 250 aircraft with a total retail value of nearly $1 billion dollars
  • Developing and certifying the world’s first non-electrical aviation lighting system for emergency evacuation