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OceanBased Perpetual Energy Teams Up With GAK Capital, Capital Point Investments to Make Ocean Energy A Reality

GAK Capital OceanBased Financing

OceanBased Perpetual Energy is on the move!

On February 16, 2021, OceanBased announced that we have signed a contract with the London-based Advisory and Investment Firm GAK Capital to support fundraising and marketing efforts for Phase One of OceanBased’s renewable ocean energy endeavors that will capture the power of Florida’s Gulf Stream and convert it to clean, perpetual electricity.

The first tranche of projected investments is expected to close before Summer 2021.

“GAK Capital has a successful track record since inception in 2015 of raising capital for leading asset managers, international direct investment opportunities and companies,” OceanBased CEO Nasser M. N. Alshemaimry said.

Dubai-based Capital Point, an investment firm founded in Saudi Arabia in 1975, is also funding the project.