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OceanBased Perpetual Energy Joins “Who’s Who” National Clean Energy Week Participating Organizations

OceanBased Perpetual Energy Joins National Clean Energy Week "Who's Who"

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As the start of the fourth annual National Clean Energy Week (NCEW) nears, OceanBased Perpetual Energy will be among over 140 participating organizations spanning coast to coast that will take part in this year’s programming to be held Sept. 21-25, 2020.

The impressive group of participating organizations includes entities dedicated to promoting sustainability in business and free-market environmental policies, as well as on-the-ground coalitions in states across the U.S., including California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia and Wisconsin.

“With two weeks to go until the official start of National Clean Energy Week 2020, it is clear there’s a groundswell of support across America for clean energy technologies and clean energy jobs,” said NCEW Chair and Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) Executive Director Heather Reams“National Clean Energy Week is proud to work alongside 140 participating organizations for this year’s event and bring awareness to the clean energy industry, which, with the right legislative support, can help lift our country to the prosperity it experienced prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The announcement arrives as NCEW continues to garner bipartisan support from sitting governors on both sides of the aisle. To date, 11 governors and the Mayor of Washington, D.C. have issued proclamations formally recognizing the event in their home states.

Founded in 2017, NCEW features a variety of programming, including the Policy Makers Symposium, a unique bipartisan event – which goes virtual this year and expands to a week-long – celebrating the latest in clean energy policy, technologies, and collaborative opportunities for innovators, investors, advocates, and policy makers.

This year’s NCEW theme, “Clean Energy Solutions for a Stronger America” reflects the critical need for clean energy to help return America to the prosperity it enjoyed just a year ago, in a way that supports sustainable industries, accelerates job growth, and fosters a cleaner environment.

Information about Policy Makers Symposium registration, NCEW sponsorship opportunities, and how to get your organization involved in the fourth annual event can be found at

Participating organizations for NCEW 2020 include the following:

  1. American Biogas Council
  2. American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers
  3. American Conservation Coalition
  4. American Council for Capital Formation
  5. Alliance to Save Energy
  6. Alliance for Clean Energy New York
  7. Alliance to Save Energy
  8. Advanced Power Alliance
  9. Ameresco
  10. Amperon
  11. American Energy Innovation Council
  12. American Energy Society
  13. American Public Gas Association
  14. Americans for a Clean Energy Grid
  15. American Resilience Project
  16. American Security Project
  17. AMSEnergy
  18. Aquanta
  19. Artic Solar Ventures
  20. Athena Power
  21. Atlantic Council
  22. Audubon
  23. BEM Controls
  24. BioStar Renewables
  25. Business Coalition
  26. Business Network for Offshore Wind
  27. C3 Solutions
  28. California Efficiency + Demand Management
  29. Carbon Capture Coalition
  30. Cimetrics Analytika
  31. Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions
  32. Citizens’ Climate Lobby
  33. Clean Capitalist Coalition
  34. Clean Energy Project
  35. Clean Energy Leadership Institute
  36. CleanFiber
  37. ClearPath
  38. Climate Week NYC
  39. Climate Leadership Council
  40. Combined Heat and Power Alliance
  41. ConservAmerica
  42. Conservative Energy Network
  43. Conservatives for Clean Energy
  44. Conservatives for Clean Energy – Florida
  45. Conservatives for Clean Energy – Georgia
  46. Conservatives for Clean Energy – North Carolina
  47. Conservatives for Clean Energy – South Carolina
  48. Conservatives for Clean Energy – Virginia
  49. Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation
  50. Copper Development Association Inc.
  51. Carbon Utilization Research Council
  53. DVINCI
  54. Dynamex
  55. EarthX
  56. Edison Electric Institute
  57. Energy Bridge Consulting
  58. Energy Recovery Council
  59. E2
  60. EPIcenter
  61. Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems CSE
  62. Full On Communications
  63. Fundacion Borincana
  64. Garden Club of Virginia
  65. George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication
  66. Geothermal Resources Council
  67. Global Energy Institute
  68. Green Energy Ohio
  69. Greentown Labs
  70. Grid Alternatives – Mid-Atlantic
  71. Gulf Coast Energy Network
  72. HCI Energy
  73. Heat is Power
  74. HyperBorean
  75. Indiana Conservative Alliance For Energy
  76. Interwest Energy Alliance
  77. Iowa Conservative Energy Forum
  78. Iron Goat
  79. JSG Communications
  80. LAMP
  81. Leaders in Energy
  82. Lime
  83. Low Impact Hydropower Institute
  84. Maryland Clean Energy Center
  85. Michigan Conservative Energy Forum
  86. The Micromobility Coalition
  87. Minnesota Conservative Energy Forum
  88. National Association of State Energy Officials
  89. National Clean Energy Summit
  91. National Propane Gas Association
  92. National Ocean Industries Association
  93. National Gas Supply Association
  94. North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association
  95. Northeast Clean Energy Council
  96. Neighborhood Sun
  97. New Hampshire Clean Tech Council
  98. Ohio Conservative Energy Forum
  99. Ohio Sustainable Business Council
  101. Palmetto Conservative Solar Coalition
  102. Potential Energy DC
  103. Powerfield
  104. Protect Our Power
  105. R Street
  106. Rainey Center
  107. Redwood Adaptive
  108. Relevant Energy
  109. Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance
  110. Renewable Thermal Collaborative
  111. republicEN
  112. Roosevelt Strategic Council
  113. S4CD
  114. SMR Start
  115. Solar Buyers Club
  116. Solar Design Studio
  117. Solgreen
  118. Southern Current
  119. Students for Carbon Dividends
  120. Sunrun
  121. SunState Solar
  122. The Alliance for Solar Choice
  123. Terrestrial Energy
  124. The Climate Group
  125. The Geothermal Exchange Organization
  126. The Nature Conservancy
  127. Third Way
  128. Titan Power
  129. Tradewind Energy
  130. Tumalow Energy Ingenuity
  131. U.S. Green Building Council
  132. Utah Clean Energy
  133. Vermont Energy Partnership
  134. Virginia Clean Energy
  135. Wattbuy
  136. wework
  137. Wind on the Wires (Clean Grid Alliance)
  138. Wisconsin Conservative Energy Forum
  139. Xenergy
  140. Young Professionals in Energy
  141. Yuck Old Paint


National Clean Energy Week (NCEW), described by POLITICO as “a veritable who’s who of the Clean Energy World,” is an annual awareness week to recognize the value of clean energy including abundant job opportunities, economic growth, energy independence, consumer choice, lower energy prices, and a cleaner environment. Follow NCEW on Twitter (@NCEWConf) and Facebook (NationalCleanEnergyWeek) for event updates.