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In Breakthrough Clean Energy Deal, OceanBased Perpetual Energy to Produce Hydrogen For Summit Worx

  • Click above for a short video explanation of how OceanBased Pepetual Energy will generate clean hydrogen.

OceanBased Perpetual Energy, a pioneering South Florida-based ocean energy company, has inked a four-year contract to produce commercial-grade green hydrogen for Summit Worx, a South Carolina high-tech engineering firm.   

In a significant advancement for America’s clean energy transition, the hydrogen will be produced using electrolysis powered solely by electricity generated from the perpetual flow of Florida’s Gulf Stream.  

Summit Worx will assist OceanBased in building and integrating a fresh water electrolyzer that will include a self-contained desalination unit aboard a sea-based hydrogen production facility.

It also will design the ISO-rated transportable storage containers needed to safely transport, use and resell the resulting clean hydrogen.  No ocean-to-shore cabling will be entailed.

With an electricity generation projection of one megawatt during the first year of operation and five megawatts thereafter, OceanBased expects to produce 155,125 kilos of hydrogen per year during the first year of operation and 775,625 kilos over five years.  

Once produced, the OceanBased clean hydrogen will be stored in a dormant form, from which it will be shipped to its ultimate destinations to be converted into electricity. 

Summit Worx will purchase 100 percent of the hydrogen produced until 2025.  Starting in 2026 the production of hydrogen by OceanBased will begin to increase as more turbines are installed, for a projected 31,000,000 kilos of hydrogen production by year 2030.

Because the Gulf Stream, which flows parallel to the Florida coastline, has been assessed to have the available capacity to yield five gigawatts of energy, OceanBased plans to continue installing more production capacity to meet the demand of the growing market.

“This is 100 percent green energy technology,” OceanBased CEO Nasser M.N. Alshemaimry explained.  “It will change the course for renewable energy and baseload-capable clean power.”  

Last year in a groundbreaking demonstration, OceanBased proved it could generate a full 24 hours of electricity simply by letting the swift, natural flow of the Gulf Stream ocean current turn specially configured hydrokinetic turbines suspended in the water.  Now, OceanBased will apply that same power for the electrolysis-driven hydrogen production. 

Together with Summit Worx, OceanBased is developing the technology and manufacturing supply lines, as well as securing the necessary licensing and permitting to be the first to commercialize ocean current energy in the United States. 

Because the optimal point of potential energy generation within the Gulf Stream has been determined to exist just east of Palm Beach County at approximately 27N Latitude, the Port of Fort Pierce will be the delivery and acceptance point of the OceanBased hydrogen transportation to Summit Worx. 

“Summit Worx has extensive expertise in rapidly standing production lines to achieve aggressive milestones while maintaining stringent quality standards,” Alshemaimry said.  “So not only are we producing 100 percent clean fuel, we are producing 100 percent clean, perpetual and sustainable energy.  In fact, we are standing on the cusp of what could be one of the largest renewable energy projects in the world.”