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Clean Hydrogen Could Help Texas Energy Woes, OceanBased Perpetual Energy CEO Notes

Clean Hydrogen Could Fix Texas Energy Woes, OceanBased Perpetual Energy CEO Says

After reading the news about the Texas power grid challenges exacerbated by epic amounts of snow and ice continuing to pummel the state this week, OceanBased Perpetual Energy CEO Nasser M.N. Alshemaimry expressed his concern for the well-being and safety of the people of Texas.

“As a graduate of Texas Christian University, I feel particular kinship with the Lone Star State,” said Alshemaimry, who holds a holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Management and a Minor in Aeronautical/Aerodynamics from the historic Fort Worth college.

“After recovering from this disaster, Texans will embark on the tough task of re-evaluating their power grid operations and delivery.  Now is the time to expand clean energy, especially through the growing hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cell storage market.”

OceanBased is developing a groundbreaking renewable energy project off the coast of South Florida with which it will use electricity derived from ocean current to power the creation of clean hydrogen.

“With the outgrowth of hydrogen and fuel cell storage, clean energy is growing exponentially worldwide,” explained OceanBased Vice President David House.  “It’s important to have a synergy of alternative fuels from which to build solid grid infrastructure.  Among the key benefits of ocean current power is its 24/7 perpetual flow and, of course, since ocean energy turbines are positioned well below the surface of the Gulf Stream, away from weather events and natural hazards that other energy resources face.”